Recipe for Love

Writer, Animator, Composer

A lonely cupcake cooks up some companionship with the right ingredients and lots of love baked in.

This film is currently on the film festival circuit. Screener available upon request.

Recipe for Love has been invited to be screened at the following festivals:

Food Film Day, Ukraine, October 2014
Sidewalk Film Festival, Birmingham, Alabama, August 2014
Regent Park Film Festival, Toronto, Ontario, November 2013
Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival, Hood River, Oregon, November 2013
Devour!  The Food Film Fest, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, November 2013
Other Venice Film Festival, Venice, California, October 2013
Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, Norcross, Georgia, October 2013
WorldKids International Film Festival, Mumbai, India, September 2013
Kids Fist Film Festival, Sante Fe, New Mexico, September 2013
Four River Film Festival, Karlovac, Croatia, September 11 – 14, 2013
Cinema Circus – The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival, Chilmark, MA, July/August 2013
Awareness Fest, Los Angeles, California, July 2013
New Hope Film Festival, New Hope, Pennsylvania, July 2013
San Francisco Film Society, Oakland, California, July 2013
Segerstrom Center For The Arts/Newport Beach Film Festival, Newport Beach, California, July 2013
Bay Area Youth Media Network (BAYMN) Film Festival, San Francisco, June 2013
SaFilm – San Antonio Film Festival, San Antonio, Texas, June 2013
Fear No Film Festival, Salt Lake City, Utah, June 2013
Singapore International Children’s Film Festival (Big Eyes, Big Minds), June 2013
Fastnet Short Film Festival, Schull, West Cork, Ireland, May 2013
Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle, Washington May/June 2013
Rochester Children’s Film Festival, Rochester, NY, April 2013
Phoenix Film Festival, Phoenix, Arizona, April 2013
Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 2013
Epiphany Children’s Film Festival, New York, NY, April 2013
Viewfinders International Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 2013
Arizona International Film Festival, Tucson, Arizona, April 2013
Newport Beach Film Festival, Newport Beach, California, April/May 2013
VAFI – International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival, Varadin, Croatia, April 2013
San Luis Opisbo Film Festival, San Luis Opisbo, California, March 2013
Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival – POW, Portland, Oregon, March 2013
Sun Valley Film Festival, Sun Valley, Idaho, March 2013
Winterlude Film Festival, Ottawa, Ontario, February 2013
Youngcuts Kudos Awards, Montreal, Quebec, February 2013
Irvine International Film Festival, Irvine, California, January 2013
The Women’s Independent Film Festival, Los Angeles, California, November 2012
The University of Advancing Technology Digital Video Festival, Tempe, Arizona, November 2012
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, October 2012
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale, October/November 2012
YoungCuts Film Festival, Montreal, Quebec, October 2012
Heartland Film Festival, Indianapolis, Indiana, October 2012
Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 2012
Viewfinders: Atlantic Film Festival for Youth, Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 2012