Torture by Sound: A Misophonia Documentary

After graduating from the University of Advancing Technology this past August, I headed home to Canada for a visit. It was wonderful to see my family and have some relaxing, rejuvenating time to brainstorm new projects. Now, I am back in the United States and am working hard, creating my next animated film.

Brainstorming resulted in a long list of exciting projects, but the first I decided to tackle was an animated documentary. Many people are confused when I use this term to describe my new film. An animated documentary is a genre that uses animation to visualize and portray a factual record or report. I first learned about the genre when I attended the Four River Film Festival in Croatia.

While I was home in the fall, I had the opportunity to learn even more when I audited an Animated Film course at Dalhousie University. My professor, Shannon Brownlee, had a whole two weeks dedicated to the animated documentary genre. She showed us a few examples, one of them being Waltz With Bashir, and I grew more interested. I was intrigued with how honest, serious, and raw content could be paired with such imaginative imagery.

So, I knew I wanted to make an animated documentary, but what would it be about? I had recently learned about the term misophonia. This is a another word people don’t hear that often. Misophonia is a disorder in which negative experiences are triggered by specific sounds. After doing some research, I found that there is quite a large misophonia community online where people struggling with the disorder share stories and support each other. Many of them have observed that most of the world think they are crazy. They hope that soon, misophonia will be a disorder that more people know about. I knew right away that this had to be the topic of my animated documentary. 

I reached out to this online community and began collecting audio interviews from people all around the world. I also interviewed an audiologist and misophonia expert. I am now in the process of creating the animated visuals.

It’s been an amazing and eye-opening experience so far. I cannot wait to finish the film and share it with all of you. The working title is “Torture by Sound: A Misophonia Documentary”. My plan is to submit to film festivals and once it has completed its run, release it online. This will ensure that as many people as possible see it and learn about the disorder!


One thought on “Torture by Sound: A Misophonia Documentary

  1. How wonderful Gwyneth – this sounds like a very important project and I know you will meet it “swimmingly” … xx

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