14th Annual AFF Outdoor Film Experience

The AFF Outdoor Film Experience is definitely one of my favourite events of the year in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It’s a chance to break out those folding chairs, snuggle up in cozy blankets and eat fresh popcorn while watching a movie under the stars. Each screening I’ve been to has been unforgettable!

The suspense for this year’s festival theme was very big and now the wait is over! This time it’s the “Summer of Sandra”. Five Sandra Bullock movies will be screening: Gravity, The Blind Side, Miss Congeniality, Speed and a people’s choice. Check out their website with all the information here.

Summer of Sandra

My newest animation, The Last Leaf, will be opening Miss Congeniality on Friday, August 1st. This is an amazing opportunity that I also had last summer when Recipe for Love played before a screening of E.T.  The Atlantic Film Festival does an amazing job supporting Canadian filmmakers. I am incredibly grateful for all the encouragement and experiences they have provided me with throughout the years.

 If you’re in Halifax from July 18th to August 16th, make sure you make it to a Summer of Sandra screening to enjoy a film along with a Canadian short. I promise that it will be a memorable night!


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